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We build
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Aluminum halls (tents)

Fast and cheap solution for a warehouse, exhibition or sales facility.  All lightweight construction halls and industrial tents can usually be built without foundations, on the Investor's foundations, such as: asphalt, concrete cube, hardened stone.

In addition, industrial tents can always be expanded or moved to another location. The possibility to change the size of the hall allows for optimal adaptation to new locations. In this way, you always remain flexible.

We install various types of aluminum halls, including:

  • industrial tents made of high quality, durable tarpaulin material

  • uninsulated industrial tents with  roof made of tarpaulin and walls made of trapezoidal sheet metal

  • partially insulated industrial tents with a double tarpaulin in the roof plane and walls made of sandwich panels

  • fully insulated industrial tents with roof and walls made of sandwich panels

  • industrial roofing - roof and triangles of the gable end walls made of tarpaulin material